About Eventing

Eventing is best described as an equestrian triathlon with three phases which test the rider's skill more completely than any other equestrian sport!

Cross-Country requires horses and riders to be bold and smart while testing their physical stamina. Each pair gallop over natural terrain jumping a variety of fixed obstacles along the prescribed course, aiming to complete within the allowed time and with as few penalties as possible. In order to accomplish this task the horse and rider must be in peak condition and both must be brave and trusting.  

Dressage  shows precision, smoothness, suppleness, and complete obedience by testing the horse and rider pair's ability to perform a series of prescribed classical movements on the flat in an enclosed arena. The goal is to show off the horses' abilities and the harmony between horse and rider as the horse appears to perform the movements of its own accord.


Stadium Jumping rewards very exact riding, testing the stamina and recovery of the horse after the endurance phase and demonstrating that the pair remains fit and agile. The course is comprised of a series of colored fences with lightweight rails that are easily knocked down, which requires the horse to be light on its feet and responsive to the rider.





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