Horses For Sale

BFE has no horses offered for sale at this time. 


If you are interested in a training program to help get your horse prepped for sale, please contact Anna at

Past Partners


2009 Thoroughbred Gelding

Soul and Anna competed successfully through the Training level, he'll enjoy a life without the stress of competitive dressage! Congrats to Kendra. 

Here's Fat         

2008 Thoroughbred Mare 

Posey was adopted through the New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program!

Congrats and best wishes to her new family.


Ringwood O'dea

1997 Irish Sport Horse Gelding

Odie took Anna around her first season in Florida with great results. Congratulations to Dr. Cindy Bean on her new partnership!



2000 Morgan Mare

Congratulations to Christine and Sammie Weis on their new partner!