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"Blue Flag Equestrian LLC was born from a desire to enhance the quality of life for each horse I have the opportunity to know.  My goal is to assist riders on their path to success through advancement of skills, understanding, and improved equine partnership. I strive to produce happy and sound horses that enjoy their job and perform to their full potential."

Meet Your Coach

Anna Connor is a lifelong horsewoman integrating experience with different horse types, disciplines, and professional environments into her program. Starting out as a horse-crazy kid, Anna volunteered time every weekend and all summer at her local stables, earning a coveted ride at the end of each day. Through working with the horses, watching handlers and riders, avid reading, and riding lessons, she learned the importance of engaging with each horse in an individual way. As her passion and dedication grew, Anna explored new disciplines from western to saddle seat, hunters, jumpers, and Thoroughbred racing, but always had her heart set on eventing. 


Throughout years of working as a catch rider, groom, trainer, and instructor, she continues to be a student of the horse. She built professional skills grooming for foals to 5-star competitors with the highest quality of care and attention to detail. She rose through the ranks in eventing barns from working student to head groom, including as groom and rider for USA Eventing Team members Buck Davidson and Will Coleman. Her time in the barn, in the saddle, on the road, and ringside offered opportunities to learn from many respected professionals in eventing, dressage, and show jumping. Her love of Thoroughbreds was cultivated while starting yearlings for race training in Lexington, Kentucky, and expanded into retraining OTTBs of her own and for New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program. Those experiences combined with her early and continued learning led to the principles of Blue Flag Equestrian, LLC. 


Anna works with horse owners and riders to create partnerships that honor the horses' nature while bringing about their best abilities. Her approach centers around perfecting foundational skills and facilitating understanding between horse and rider. As a USEA Certified coach, instructor and rider, Anna believes that proper horsemanship, based on trust and respect alongside skill and knowledge, is paramount to reaching the highest level of sport. Her patient and intuitive manner encourages students to work towards their goals at their own pace, and her keen observation enhances rider awareness of their effect on the horse.

Through learning to collaborate with your horse, you can begin to master the art of riding.

USEA Eventing Coaches Program ensures Anna is aligned with industry standards for horse and rider development. As such, she has received recommendation from experienced eventing professionals and her own competing students, in addition to completing the rigorous training process.

  • CPR & First Aid Certified

  • Fully insured & Background Checked

  • USEF Safe Sport Certified

Anna values continued education to improve her own skills and bring new insights to her program. Prominent influences include Emily Beshear, Valerie Pride, Jan Byyny, Will and Katie Coleman, Emily Hansen-Palmus, and her ECP instructors Karen O'Connor and Mary D'Arcy.

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