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On the Approach

Anna values cultivating partnership while producing each horse and rider correctly and methodically through the levels. Emphasis is placed on proper horsemanship practices and harmony between horse and rider for success in any equestrian endeavor. Training and instruction follow the Classical Training Scale and begin with solid foundational skills valuable across disciplines, with a focus on Eventing and Dressage. She aims to produce content, self-going horses that demonstrate willingness, understanding of and responsiveness to the aids. From building foundational skills to pursuing ambitious competition goals, you will receive expert instruction and guidance tailored to your unique aspirations.  

Certification through USEA's Eventing Coaches Program ensures Anna is aligned with industry standards for horse and rider development. As such, she has received recommendation from experienced eventing professionals and her own competing students, in addition to completing the rigorous training process. 

  • CPR & First Aid Certified

  • Fully insured & Background Checked

  • Safe Sport Certified

To learn more, and get started with Anna, contact her directly via email to




Private Lesson $75

Semi-Private Lesson $60 per rider

Virtual Lesson $50 click for info

Half and full day group instruction, and cross country schooling available.


Single Session $85

Half Training (8 Sessions) $650

Full Training (16 Sessions) $1300


Show Day Rate $125 minimum

Competition coaching available to current students.

For more information and to schedule any services, please contact Anna directly via email. Rates listed are for service only, additional fees for travel may be assessed.

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