Services  offered

BFE welcomes horses and riders of all skill levels and begins with a base of strong fundamental skills. Anna's patient and intuitive approach allows each horse and rider to learn at their own pace while striving towards their individual goals.

 Instruction & Training

Anna is a traveling instructor, trainer, and coach teaching students on their own horse at their location. Virtual lessons are available anywhere in the country utilizing student-provided Pivo and Pixem systems, or video calling applications. Training and instruction follows the Classical Training scale and begins with a solid foundation of flatwork skills which are valuable across disciplines. While her specialty is Eventing, she also teaches pure Dressage and Jumping and works with those just thinking about their first show to ambitious competitors through Modified and 1-star level Eventing and 2nd level Dressage. Anna tailors her teaching style to facilitate optimal learning, and maintains a patient and methodical approach with clear communication to elevate your skill level. Emphasis is placed on proper horsemanship practices and harmony between horse and rider to produce successful partnerships for any equestrian endeavor.


Lessons & Instruction
Private Lesson 45 Minutes
Flatwork and Dressage lessons may include ground work, lunging, poles and cavaletti, Jumping lessons also utilize coursework and gymnastics in a one-on-one setting at your location.


Virtual Lesson 60 Minutes
Utilize Pivo, Pixem, or WhatsApp for a one-on-one video lesson focusing on flatwork and Dressage.


Cross-Country Schooling 60 - 90 Minutes

Small groups of 2-4 riders work on galloping, terrain, and various questions suitable for each level. Available at your location and other venues weather permitting.

Horse Training
Single Session - Partial Training - Full Training
Customized to you and your horses' needs from intensive full training programs to single tune-up rides. Anna has produced several green horses from the beginning and enjoys young horses and OTTBs as well as seasoned horses and those that need reminders of correct behavior.

The aim is to produce a self-going horse that demonstrates willingness, understanding of and responsiveness to the aids, and is content.

Competition Coaching

Goal setting and competition season planning are incorporated into your instruction if your desires lead to the show ring. Anna coaches at recognized and unrecognized competitions through the Modified/One-Star level of Eventing, and 2nd level Dressage. 


A signed release form is required of all equestrian participants prior to the first session. Click below to view the form.


Cancellations require 24hr notice

Clients are responsible for the cost of any service cancelled without such notice.