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Milo Chronicles: P4

Installment No. 4 of my adventures with Scar Face Tony (2018 OTTB Gelding) on his foray into eventing.

Milo and I have been accepted to compete at the Retired Racehorse Project's Thoroughbred Makeover at the Kentucky Horse Park in October! We are planning to show in the Eventing discipline there, what a great show goal for the year! Please take a few minutes to visit the website and learn about RRP, they are doing great work to promote Thoroughbreds tackling second careers after racing:

The last several weeks have been hectic for me; planning our move to DC, finding a place to live there, selling our house here, firming up plans for the horses' new digs, and keeping up with lessons and family. Milo (and Carter) had a good couple weeks straight of consistent work, followed by a week or so of almost nothing, and back to work again. Milo also banged his leg in the field so had several days off to recoup and, much to his displeasure, wrapped in a standing bandage. We had several discussions about how horses should behave while being examined and treated for a boo-boo, and he ended up in silver-spray. He also learned about hand walking, how he needs to keep all four hooves on the ground and that I will not play with him like his pony friends do.

In the time we could actually ride, we went on a handful of hacks around the open field with a buddy, and hopped over a couple cross-rails in the outdoor arena. He gets a bit fussed while hacking out, but I was very impressed with his demeanor in the outdoor. He calmly stopped and stood patiently in various places, and didn't try to run off with me at the canter - like a real horse that knows stuff! I loaned out my Nathe bit, so he is currently in a mullen mouth Happy Mouth loose ring and still wears the rope halter on another rein. He's learning to step underneath himself and use his topline at the walk, he takes the contact pretty well and is nicely responsive to my aids. It basically all falls apart at the trot, but he goes around in good rhythm and has brakes, I'm happy with that for a few more rides. This past week, I haven't lunged him at all before getting on and he's been totally fine with that. I do take him on an unmounted lap or two around the arena before getting on, and yesterday I did a foreleg stretch which he thoroughly enjoyed. He steps up to the mounting block and stands quietly while I mount, and even waits for me to ask him to walk off. He's such a grown up.

His dark, winter fuzz is shedding to reveal a shiny and bright summer coat, a huge improvement from the skin funk of the fall. He has brand new blankets, a new negative Coggins, has been worked on by the chiropractor, had his hooves trimmed and mane cleaned up, he's ready to get going! I had plans to take him off property just to practice trailering before our trip to DC...maybe I'll have time tomorrow? I will be leaving for DC next week and flying back in about two weeks to drive the truck and trailer out to Maryland with him and Carter. I hope he's looking forward to our new adventure, there will be a lot for us to do together in Area II!


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